Irvine Dumpster Rentals

Workers use heavy machinery to move trash and waste at the Frank R. Bowerman landfill on Irvine, California, U.S., June 15, 2021.Picture taken June 15, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Blake

What do dumpsters and oranges have in common? Take a moment and try to answer this question; I’ll still be here when you come back. Did you get it?

You can buy both of them, that is true, although it always makes much more sense to rent a dumpster through a reliable Dumpster Rental Service. That’s not the answer I was thinking of. Here is what they have in common, neither dumpster nor orange has a word it can rhyme with.

I’ll let you process that for a moment. So, we all know “trash” rhymes with “rash” and “berry” rhymes with “very,” but nothing rhymes with dumpster and nothing rhymes with orange. Isn’t the world a funny place?

I was thinking about this crazy coincidence one winter afternoon when I wanted to throw away my orange peel. My neighbors were remodeling their house, and so had rented a dumpster to throw away all of their trash.

I happened to be walking by their house in Irvine at the time, and thought, hey, I’ll just toss my orange peel in their rented dumpster. We are very close friends–in fact, I am the godmother to their baby–so I knew they wouldn’t mind if I used their dumpster service for discarding this small item.

In fact, I had a hunch they might appreciate it, since oranges are renowned for smelling so sweet and neutralizing any other odors. Little did I know, as I was throwing away the orange peel, they were watching me through the window.

They came outside and asked me what I was doing. I said, “I am throwing away my orange peel in your rented dumpster. Orange you glad I didn’t just toss it onto your lawn?” And we all had a good laugh.

Choosing the right company doing waste management in Irvine that will handle your waste disposal, especially if you are in business, is critical, as not only is it necessary that your waste be collected regularly, they should be able to handle different types of waste and dispose them properly.

As consumers are more and more concerned about how “green” the companies they patronize are, you would not want to be associated with practices that are detrimental to the environment. It would be a public relations nightmare.

The same goes in choosing the right dumpster rental service. A reputable company would ensure to provide the right dumpster unit that is not corroded and risk leaking or with cover that has holes in it and run the risk of the unit accumulating stormwater.

Picking a company that is not conscientious about the quality they provide their consumers will put you in a literally messy situation.

Consumers and businesses should be aware that there are still a significant number of waste disposal companies which:

  • Does improper recycling;
  • Have unreliable service;
  • Does not have ecological standards they follow as a company policy;
  • Disposes of wastes improperly;

Have environmentally hazardous conditions; andLacks customer service.

So, whether you are just using a dumpster service or a full collection service, be sure to find out more your short-list of possible waste disposal companies to tap.

Waste is not only grossly inconvenient to handle when your company fails you, those waste can also pose some legal and health problems for you.