Food waste recycling bags in high demand

Bio-degradeable bags or compostable bags for residential and commercial food waste are now available from food waste collection companies. Many households around the country are being supplied with bio-degradeable bags from their local councils as the “rollercoaster” to divert food waste from landfill continues. Bio-degradeable bags Recycling companies now have a dedicated department that supplies […]

Managing Hospital Waste Disposal

What are the Procedures in Hospital Waste Management There are various types of waste that we discharge each day. Some can be recycled while others must be properly disposed. According to Denver Dumpster Rental Center, an appropriate waste management must be taken into action to reduce the risk that it may cause to our lives. […]

Plastic waste in the oceans

Every second, 100 tonnes of waste from billions produced each year ends up at sea, a large part of which is made of plastic. Some people call this the seventh continent, what a shame! Floating debris and or microparticles, this plastic waste is deposited on the beaches, dispersed at sea, found on the seabed. What […]

What to do with your green waste?

Whether for individuals, businesses or communities, the maintenance of green spaces (gardens, parks, roadsides, etc.) produces a certain amount of plant waste called green waste. 100% biodegradable, this waste can still be cumbersome, so we have to find a way to eliminate it, if possible by exploiting the organic matter it contains. Part of the […]